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Getting the game

  • Where can I get the game right now?

    If you’re in a European French-speaking country: The official release date of the game is November 10. You'll be able to find it in your local game store past this date.

    If you’re anywhere else: We’re currently looking for distributors all around the world to get the game to your local game store, wherever you are. For now, we are unsure when this will happen. The simplest way for you would be to support us on our next Kickstarter campaign.

  • How can I be sure to not miss your next Kickstarter campaign?

    Follow this link and enter your email address. We’ll let you know when we start the next one.


  • I received my game, but I’m missing the Arcane and Mineral expansions. How can we solve this?

    If your box has “Kickstarter” written on the bottom right, have you tried opening the box? The expansions should be inside.

  • Even after opening the box, I’m still missing items. How can we solve this?

    Please send an email to with the exact items you’re missing. We’ll see what we can do!

  • Some of the parts of my game were missing or in poor condition. Can I get a replacement?

    Once again we advise you to contact us at: with a list of the missing parts and a picture of every part that was in poor condition.

  • How do I know if something is missing from my box?

    The easiest way would be to compare the contents of your box with the following list of contents.

  • My delivery was supposed to show up but didn’t. What can I do?

    Please explain the situation by emailing We’ll check with the fulfillment facility in charge of your parcel and start an investigation to check what could have happened.

  • When will I receive my parcel?

    We keep players informed as soon as we have new information. We invite you to read the latest news on our Kickstarter campaign.

Game components

  • Why are the 20 sided dice for player HP not in spiral?

    We know these are much easier to track player HP. But we put the dice in as a nice collector’s item. We wanted to make sure you could use them for HP tracking as well as in your other games if needed. For this reason, we decided that the standard d20 was better for this purpose.

    You may also use tokens to track HP, or other means (apps, paper) because players can have more than 20 HP.

  • How many sleeves do I need to protect my cards ?

    It all depends on what you want to protect. Here are some numbers to help you :

    • Base game (without including Mana) : 204 sleeves needed
    • Base game (including Mana) : 348 sleeves needed
    • Arcane expansion: 54 sleeves needed
    • Mineral expansion: 54 sleeves needed
    • Solo & Coop expansion: 42 sleeves needed
    • Base game (including Mana) + all 3 expansions: 498 sleeves needed
    • For Kickstarter backers: 54 more sleeves needed for stretch goals

  • Does the box fit all of the cards sleeved with expansions?

    The game will fit all the cards sleeved, without the expansions.

    While it was our intention, with all of the unlocked stretch goals, the box ended up being filled with more cards than initially planned. The plastic insert is optimized as much as possible, and a bigger box would have taken more space, thus being more expensive to deliver.

  • Why not using tokens for Mana?

    We tried a lot of components for Mana. In the end, we find cards much easier to stack under spells. This works much better for our Mana system.

  • What do we do if we’re lacking Mana in the Infinite Ether during a game?

    The Mana given in the base game should be enough for the large majority of games. But the Infinite Ether being infinite, and since we didn’t manage to fit an infinite amount of cards in the box, you may use other solutions :

    • Adding a token on a Mana card to give it a value that is more than 1 (we recommend doing this in the Available Ether and in the player’s Mana reserve)
    • Printing additional Mana cards:

  • I have cards with no text on them. What’s going on?

    Those are full art cards we gave as stretch goals to all backers. They are collector items that put the artwork of the game in the spotlight. They can be played in your deck as long as you have a copy of the original card with you to remember what it does.

  • Are there any playmats for sale?

    We know players are eagerly waiting for them. It’s safe to say we’ll be proposing them as add-ons in our next Kickstarter campaign, and later in stores.

Gameplay questions

  • Can I go over 20 Health Points?

  • Indeed, there is no limit to the amount of HP players and Permanents with HP can have.

  • Permanents can't be channeled? How can I use them as components?

  • We invite you to have a look at the text box on the bottom left of page 13 in the rulebook.

  • How does “Transmutable” work exactly?

    The "Transmutable" Keyword is just like if the spell had an additional term in its name.

    Taking Sprouted seed as an example, which has “Transmutable: Drop. it's treated as if it was named "Sprouted seed drop".

    This additional term is valid all the time, whether your spell is activated, prepared, channeled, in your hand, deck, discard pile, or at any other moment.

  • I see that a card has an obvious drawback to it. Why would I play that?

    This may very well be an additional cost to balance another great strength the card has.

    If you think the card has only negative effects (like Delayed fate or Knowledge ritual for instance), it may very well be a blessing in disguise. Some decks may benefit greatly from what may seem like a hindrance at first.

  • Is there any further information on how cards work with each other?

    Of course there is! We advise you to check the card database by following this link:

  • What’s the deal with “Inner circle”? Isn’t it way too strong?

    Indeed it is! Inner Circle is a collector’s card that is banned from competitive play. It is a simple token of our gratitude towards players who believed in the project from the very beginning.

    Though nothing prevents you from playing it with your friends as a quick joke.

    “Turn one, Inner Circle, I win.”

    “Ah! I should’ve seen that coming.”

  • There are pre-constructed decks for all 4 elements in the base box, but none for Mineral and Arcane. Do you have any recommendations?

    Indeed we do. When you open the expansion, the first 40 cards of the pack constitute a valid pre-constructed deck. (Your 40 card pack should end with 2 rituals).

    If you want exact deck lists though, they are available on the following link:

    Just scroll to Arcane and Mineral and it will be displayed at the top of these sections.

  • I think my preconstructed deck is too strong / not strong enough.

    When creating the preconstructed decks, we triend to balance the 3 following factors:

    • Easy to learn
    • Balanced against each others
    • Able to teach you the concept of each element

    Moreover, Mage Noir being a deckbuilding game, we would have spoiled the interest of the game by giving you already optimized decks. It is part of the pleasure of the game to imagine, create and try out new optimized and original decks.

    That being said, if you want advices or examples of more efficient decks, we invite you to ask on our discord server!

  • There isn’t anything on yet, even though it’s written on the solo mode rulesheet.

    Yeah, it’s still a work in progress though so it’s not available (yet!). We’ll just have to ask for your patience on that one while we’re taking care of it.


  • There’s a typo somewhere

    !$?£#*% ! Please let us know where. Despite the great efforts we put into the game and its every detail, it is possible that we may have to correct a few errors in future prints.

  • Is there somewhere I can discuss the game with other players?

    The best place to discuss with fellow Mages online would be our discord server.

    At the back of our rulebook, you can also find a list of our social media pages.

  • I love the game, how can I help make it more well known?

    A good way to publicize it would be to leave positive comments and reviews on specialized websites like Board Game Geek.