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What is Mage Noir?

Mage Noir is a strategic dueling card game where players become true Mages and fight each other. The game is focused on spell crafting and packed with fire balls, crashing waves, devastating tornadoes and powerful magical abilities that you will be able to hold in the palm of your hand.

In Mage Noir, you will use everything at your disposal to put your opponent to 0HP. For this, you'll have your spells to damage your opponent, equip powerful items, summon the forces of nature or get ready to cast even stronger spells. However, you'll need to be careful with your choices. Using your spells will give part of their energy to the opponent, making them even stronger.

Rituel pourpre par Nicolas Camiade

Crimson Ritual by Nicolas Camiade.

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Core mechanics

Mage Noir is a strategic card game, featuring some exclusive mechanics never seen in other dueling card games.
Rite of passage by Jeffrey Jeanson

Rite of passage by Jeffrey Jeanson.

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An award winning game

Logo du CIC esport business awards

We're not the only ones believing in this project! Mage Noir is proud to be the "Coup de coeur" prize of 2020's CIC esport business awards.

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