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Base box content

Vegetal icon

Vegetal Deck - Growing canopy

Fire icon

Fire deck - Burning wrath

Air icon

Air deck - Whirling flurry

Water icon

Water deck - Crushing pressure

Water icon Water icon Water icon Water icon

Side deck - For deckbuilding purposes


The box contains 24 copies of each Mana card for a total of 144 Mana cards.


The Mage Noir base box also contains:
  • Two 20 sided dice to count players' HP
  • Two Mage Noir tokens to track players' Mage Noir status
  • 78 HP tokens to track Permanents' HP
  • One rulebook
  • One First game sheet - Air
  • One First game sheet - Fire
  • One Promo code flyer for Mage Noir - Infinity

Expansions content

Mineral icon

Mineral expansion - Way of the warrior-mage

Arcane icon

Arcane expansion - Way of the time bender

circle icon

Solo/Coop expansion - The lone Mage

This expansion contains a Solo/Coop mode rulesheet