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Element : water-icon Water
Type : Permanent
Mana cost :
  • 1 water-icon Water
Components needed :
  • 2 Wave
Effect : At the beginning of your turn, your Wave components apply their effects.

Then, this spell releases 1 Water Mana for each Wave component you control.

Discard this Permanent as soon as there's no Water Mana locked under it.
Artwork : Camille Fourcade
Flavor text : None
Expansion : Base game
Notes :
# Note
1 Due to the effect order, even with a single Mana under "Unleashed ocean", you will still trigger the effects of all of your wave components at the beginning of your turn.
2 If there is less Mana under "Unleashed Ocean" than it's supposed to release, it releases all of the remaining Mana and goes directly to the discard pile.
3 These effects trigger before your draw phase and all the Water Mana is released at once, not one by one.