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Element : water-icon Water
Type : Permanent
Mana cost :
  • 2 water-icon Water
Components needed :
Effect : Every time you trade Water Mana with the Available Ether, inflict 1 damage to the opponent and release 1 Mana locked under this spell.

Discard this Permanent as soon as there's no Mana locked under it, then you may take up to 2 Water Mana from the Available Ether.
Artwork : Geoffrey Amesse
Flavor text :
Notes :
# Note
1 "Trading Water Mana" can work in both ways. As long as there is Water Mana involved, it works.
2 Also, exchanging 2 Water Mana for 4 other Mana would be considered as a single trade. But nothing prevents you to do it in 2 smaller batches.
3 The Water Mana you take when this is discarded may come from either pile. You may even take from both.