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Element : vegetal-icon Vegetal
Type : Permanent
HP : 3
Mana cost :
  • 2 vegetal-icon Vegetal
  • 1 fire-icon Fire
Components needed :
  • 1 Tree
  • 1 Flame
Effect : If you're a Mage Noir, preparing this spell requires 1 less component.

At the beginning of your turn, this Permanent inflicts 2 damage to the opponent, then loses 1 Health Point.
Artwork : Nicolas Camiade
Flavor text :
Notes :
# Note
1 As long as you're a Mage Noir, you get to chose which component you want to skip beween the "Tree" and the "Flame".
2 This Permanent takes damage after dealing damage to the opponent.
3 The damage this Permanent inflicts to itself cannot be redirected by protectors.
4 If you're a Mage Noir, "King of trees" makes "Tree in flames" cost no components. Moreover, "Tree in flames" will hit twice at the beginning of the turn, but also lose its HP twice.