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Element : vegetal-icon Vegetal
Type : Permanent
HP : 3
Mana cost :
  • 3 vegetal-icon Vegetal
  • 1 water-icon Water
Components needed :
  • 1 Seed
Effect : When put into play, discard the Seed component used to cast it.

At the beginning of your turn, inflicts 2 damage to the opponent, then you may put 1 Seed from your discard pile into play prepared.

Protector (You may redirect damage the opponent controls onto this Permanent)
Artwork : Camille Fourcade
Flavor text :
Notes :
# Note
1 The Seed brought back at the beginning of the turn comes back in preparation. You'll get to cast it or channel it during your main phase.
2 It can fetch any card with "Seed" or "Seed" in its name.
3 The "Seed" comes back with no Mana underneath it.
4 If you or a Permanent you control is about to receive damage from your opponent. You may decide that this Tree takes the damage instead.
5 Yes, you may also redirect damage that is about to hit another Permanent with the "Protector" keyword. Trees like protecting each others like that.
6 If you're a Mage Noir and control "King of Trees", this card will discard a single seed since only one was needed to cast it. However, it will hit twice and bring back 2 seeds at the beginning of the turn.