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Element : mineral-icon Mineral
Type : Spell
Mana cost :
  • 3 arcane-icon Arcane
  • 2 mineral-icon Mineral
Components needed :
Effect : You become a Mage Noir.

At the end of your turn, destroy all Equipment you played this turn.

Damage inflicted by your Equipment is increased by 1.

At any time, you may discard 1 card to make target Equipment you control indestructible until the end of the turn.
Artwork : Johann Goutard
Flavor text : None
Notes :
# Note
1 Equipment made indestructible are also counted as indestructible during the end of the turn.
2 If a piece of Equipment is indestructible it is not discarded when new Equipment of the same type enters play.
3 Indestructible Equipment is also not discarded if used as a component for other Equipment.
4 Multiple copies of this Ritual will stack concerning damage enhancement.
5 "At any time", may happen right before or right after the application of an opponent's spell, but not in the middle of its application.
6 Do not that the discard effect to enable indestructible is a discard from hand specifically.