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Element : mineral-icon Mineral
Type : Equipment - Head
Mana cost :
  • 2 mineral-icon Mineral
  • 1 arcane-icon Arcane
Components needed :
Effect : Can only be equipped by a Mage Noir.
While this spell is in play, you are not a Mage Noir and your rituals have no effect.

At any time, you may pay 1 Mana to ignore 1 damage that would be inflicted to you.
When your Mana reserve is empty, destroy this Equipment.
Artwork : Charles Ouvrard
Flavor text :
Notes :
# Note
1 When you have this equipped, all of your rituals in hand and on the board are considered as if they were completely blank cards.
2 Since rituals state you become a Mage Noir, you get back your Mage Noir status when this piece of Equipment leaves play.