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Element : mineral-icon Mineral
Type : Equipment - Torso
Mana cost :
  • 2 mineral-icon Mineral
Components needed :
  • 1 Ore
Effect : Each turn, ignore up to X damage that is inflicted to you, where X is the amount of Mineral Mana under your other components.

X is determined the first time damage is inflicted to you during the turn.
X can't be more than 4.
Artwork : Charles Ouvrard
Flavor text :
Expansion : Way of the Warrior-Mage
Notes :
# Note
1 This armor will also protect you from damage you inflict to yourself.
2 However it cannot protect you from lost HP.
3 Components include Equipment and Permanents.
4 However, “Other components” means the Mana under this spell is not counted.
5 The damage protection effect of this spell resets at the start of every turn right before the Draw phase.
6 This effect also resets at the start of the opponent's turn.