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Element : mineral-icon Mineral
Type : Spell
Mana cost :
  • X mineral-icon Mineral
Components needed :
  • 1 Meteor
Effect : If you're a Mage Noir, you may use 4 Rocks instead of 1 Meteor component to prepare this spell.

Inflicts X damage to any target.
Artwork : Charles Ouvrard
Flavor text :
Notes :
# Note
1 If you're a Mage noir, it's like if this spell has 1 Meteor or 4 rock as a component prerequisite.
2 Costing X Mana means you can put any number of Mineral Mana under this spell when preparing it.
3 When activated, this spell will inflict as much damage as the amount of Mineral Mana you put when preparing it. If it gets additional Mana underneath it while it was in preparation, they will not count towards the damage dealt.
4 X can be 0 if you want to.