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Element : arcane-icon Arcane
Type : Spell
Mana cost :
Components needed :
Effect : Transmutable : Time (This spell can be used as a Time component.)

Subtract 1 from every number in the effect of any spell using this as a component.

If you're a Mage Noir, add 1 instead.
Artwork : Jeffrey Jeanson
Flavor text :
Notes :
# Note
1 This card is counted as if it had "Time" in its name at all time. Just like if it was called "Split second time".
2 Subtracting can bring many spell effects under 0. Inflicted damage and HP lost will result in healing.
3 Negative healing will result in lost HP.
4 However, effects like draw, card discarding, or Mana movement cannot go under 0. These effects will simply be capped at 0 and have no effect.
5 When you perform a ritual, this spell will switch from subtracting to adding after the ritual entered the board.