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Element : arcane-icon Arcane
Type : Spell
Mana cost :
  • 6 arcane-icon Arcane
Components needed :
  • 1 Time
Effect : Apply the effects of 1 spell in your discard pile. If you're a Mage Noir, the effects of the Time component used to prepare Knowledge of history are also applied to this spell.

If Knowledge of history is activated from your discard pile, it can only target spells that are located underneath it.
Artwork : Morgane Perrin-Roudil
Flavor text :
Expansion : Way of the time bender
Notes :
# Note
1 When applying the effect of multiple spells, you must choose all applied spells at once.
2 Each single application of this spell's effect applies to a single card in your discard pile.
3 Persistant effects like effects from Permanents, Equipment or Rituals are not activatable, as such, targeting one of those type of spells with Knowledge of History will have no effect. (Except for the "You become a Mage Noir" mention on Rites & Rituals.)