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Element : arcane-icon Arcane
Type : Equipment - Weapon
Mana cost :
  • 2 arcane-icon Arcane
  • 1 mineral-icon Mineral
Components needed :
  • 1 Time
Effect : At the beginning of your turn, inflicts 1 damage to any target.

You may destroy this Equipment from play to take 1 Galactic Equipment card from your deck, show it to the opponent, put it in your hand and shuffle your deck.
Artwork : Johann Goutard
Flavor text : None
Notes :
# Note
1 You may only destroy this from play during your Main phase.
2 It can fetch any Equipment card with "Galactic" in its name.
3 Do note that the destruction of this piece of equiment is the requirement for it to fetch a Galactic Equipment card. If it is indestructible, you simply cannot activate the second part of this card's effect.