Hey Mages! Today is thursday, you had a whole lot to read yesterday (right here) and a little bit more today, what a wonderful week.

So what’s up since last week?

We’re contacting new artists for the paper version.

On the video game we’re working on selecting the components you use to cast your spells.

Video game first.

To make things simple, our first iteration of handling components was just to check if you have enough of them on the board. It’s functional but lacks subtlety. Some components have an effect when you use them to cast a spell. This means that as a player, you should have absolute control of what component is used to cast every spell you put on the board.

Video game board with components

We’re taking care of this right now and it allows us to implement some more cards we couldn’t get in the game due to this interaction not being ready yet.
You will be sure to have full control of how you manage your components.

And what about paper version?

We’ve been contacting some more artists to see if they were interested in working with us. We’ll see how this goes.

What we know is that artworks are a key component of Mage Noir. It defines the game currently, but will also be one of its most important asset in the future. An artwork should be of top quality and help understand the card at first glance. Hence why we’re being very picky with the artists we work with.

After all, the artwork is usually the first thing you see when discovering a new card right?

That’s all for today Mages!

We hope you enjoyed the read.

Until next week though, take care of yourselves Mages, and have fun!