Hey Mages! Here again on a thursday for another load of news on the project. Let’s go!

So what’s up since last week?

We’ve been actively working on getting everything ready to print the prototype.

How do you do that?

The concept is pretty simple. We simply needed to setup our cards specifically on a document to make sure that it gets printed and cut the right way. How to create this document and how to organize it is very specific so this allowed us to learn a lot of new skills.

The concept is simple, but is requires a lot of time to make sure everything is perfectly set up as any small mistake may mess up our whole prototypes pretty badly.
Coupled with learning to use a lot of new tools and making sure they work well took us quite some time to be fair.

Printable page for an Air Mana card

Here for instance you can see a page of the document we use to print the Mana cards. With an Air Mana as the example.

For the curious ones, the plain lines in the corners show where to cut, and the targets on the sides help to see the center of the card.

But it was not all we had to do.

Proofreading again and again.

This is the second thing that took most of our time this week. Because having the right setup is a must, but making sure the content is perfect is another one. So we’ve been re-reading our cards countless times, spotting small typos, changing sentences to make them shorter and clearer, polishing the game even more.

And about the video game? Is it going well?

Of course! It’s doing well and advancing just as we’d like it to. For us it’s going through some very needed improvements, but it doesn’t translate in gameplay or visual changes yet. We’ll tell you when something exciting gameplay-wise is emerging. You can count on us!

That’s all for today Mages!

We hope your week was awesome. It might sound like a statement we tell every weekly update just for the sake of it but we do mean it, for real.

Until the next one though, take care of yourselves Mages, and have fun!(And we also mean that)