Hey Mages! Using my temporal magic I am able to talk to you on a thursday even though I’m writing this on wednesday. Yes, I know, crazy right?

But why?

Good question! We’re kinda planning ahead this week because we have a pitch presentation to prepare and send before thursday evening. And making the weekly update can be a bit longer than usual sometimes. We wanted to make sure we have the necessary time to get our presentation ready on time so we’re writing this weekly update ahead.

Oh okay, and what’s up since last week?

Concerning the video game we’re making great progess on the Mana visuals, as well as implementing new card effects.

And for the paper version, we’re creating small visual icons representing some key points of the Mage Noir game to help with reading the cards.

Let’s start with the video game.

Well the most interesting thing we got to think about and can show you is “How do you visually represent infinity on a video game?”.

After some time we came with what we thought was the best option:

The infinite Ether. Design by Jeffrey Jeanson

We thought it was a good idea to create a bottomless hole linked to the heart of the universe, where the Mana comes from. It can provide an endless stream of Mana of any sort. We hope you like the concept.

On a slightly less visual note, we’re also implementing card effects that we can put in the game so we can test them. To be honest with you we’re still having some minor fixes to do on the effect we told you about last week. Activating the effects of other spells had way more side effects than we anticipated so we’ve not finished it yet, but it’ll be taken care of very soon.

And what about the paper version?

We’re making researches and creating small icons to add in the card effects. Those can represent some very simple concepts like health, the fact of being a Mage Noir, the beginning of a turn, or a component for instance. Those are just some examples and we’re not sure all of them are necessary.

What we would like to do with those is to add them in the card effects. They will not replace the text, but appear next to the name of the concept so that players can link them together. Once players are used to seeing them, they will have a much easier time understanding what a card does, what kind of elements it can interact with and when its effects take place, simply by glancing at the icons.

Wait a minute what is that pitch presentation all about?

Well we’re paticipating in the CIC e-sports business awards and we ended up in the 10 finalists. We have the chance to present our game and to show how well rounded it is for the e-sport scene. We got 5 minutes to convince the jury. And if you read this update regularly you should know how much we have to say, so it seems we’ll have to cut some things off to fit in the 5 minutes mark.

That’s all for today Mages!

Back to our powerpoint! We hope you’ll have a great week.

Until then, take care of yourselves Mages, and have fun!