Hey Mages! How is your day? We hope you’re having a great time.

What’s up since last week?

We finally finished that huge presentation. Now we’re taking a small time to rest (i.e concentrating on less technical stuff) and prepare for the next big step.

Presentations and prototypes

We did our best to make the game as polished as possible with the time we had. We gave this version along with our presentation so that the people reviewing our work can have a try and understand the project better.

We still had a lot to take care of last thursday. We reviewed our work multiple times, we changed a whole lot of paragraphs and we created new ones to make sure every aspect of the project was taken into account. Moreover it was very important for us to show every part of why Mage Noir is so great (at least according to us). We’re very happy with the result and we think the presentation is complete, filled with solid arguments and simple to understand in every aspect.

Aside from creating a very convincing document on why Mage Noir deserves attention, it also gathered together all of our arguments, which is very helpful and motivating for us.

Acceleration artwork

What’s the current focus now?

We’ve given a lot of work on that presentation and we’re slowing down things a bit this week to make sure we don’t end up exhausted. The good news is that we’re concentrating on a part we love to work on and we can finally give some time for. We’re creating more artwork briefs to get new art in the future and we’re taking this occasion to make a bit of worldbuilding. It’s not much, but Mage Noir lore is growing a lot this week and it’s very pleasant to see.

So now what’s next?

The next main objective is now to create a prototype of the game that we can send to qualified reviewers. To achieve this we’ll need to make some playtests in order to balance our game a bit more (Remember how water was busted last time we checked? Well it still is…). We will also need more artworks for the game, an officially well presented and clear rulebook, and finally a design for the game box. Let’s just say we have a whole lot of work coming our way. Wish us luck Mages, this is gonna be hell of a ride.

That’s all for today Mages!

We thank you so much for sticking with us for all this time. This whole presentation motivated us ike crazy, we’ll be creating one of the best existing card game in the world together, we can’t wait!

Until next week, stay safe and have fun!