Hey Mages! This week we’re very close to our deadline concerning the video game prototype of the game. Along with it we have to prepare a presentation of the game, meaning we have a lot of stuff to take care of.

What’s up since last week?

We’ve polished our prototype even more. Along with it we’ve been preparing the game presentation. In other words, it’s a busy week for the game.

About the video game first

A lot of what we’ve done this week for the game is about fixing bugs. Even though it is not the most flashy part of game development, it is still the most important one. And we’re far from finished, there are a whole lot of unusual interactions that we haven’t seen yet. We will need to find them in order to make sure they work as intended. It is not the most difficult task but it takes a lot of time and energy.

Thankfully we’ve also had the occasion to implement more interesting features like the rituals, allowing the player to become a Mage Noir, changing the game board and giving powerful abilities.
We’ve also tweaked a whole lot of visual assets, removing some of the last placeholders. The game truly feels like it’s ours now, and it’s very satisfying to see.

Vegetal healer artwork

Presenting the project

We’ve been following Mage Noir since its beginning and it represents so much to us, we could talk about it for hours. So when we have to summarize all of it inside a presentation it is a very difficult yet incredibly interesting exercise for us.
The presentation should display everything, from the gameplay to the business model, while also explaining the lore and the artistic aspect.

We’re currently working on this presentation and we hope that it shows how much potential Mage Noir has. We’ve truly put our heart into it, let’s hope those who read it will see Mage Noir as we do.

And what about the rest?

We’re currently preparing more artworks and doing some worldbuilding. It helps us take a (small) break from all the coding and precise wording needed to create a presentation. We would like to put some more time into it, it would allow us to have more stories to tell and more artworks to show. But it will come in due time, you can be sure about that.

That’s all for today Mages!

We’re going back to fixing bugs and telling the world how awesome Mage Noir is! Thanks a lot for sticking with us Mages and we’ll see you next thursday.

Until then, have fun Mages!