Hey Mages! How is your week? Ours is just as busy as ever. If you’ve been following us for the few past weeks you can guess what we’ll be talking about. Let’s see if you guessed right.

What’s up since last week?

Well if you guessed we would talk about the video game version you are right. And if you guessed we would also talk about music well you had the good idea to use your divination skills.

About the video game first

Still going strong and advancing well! This week we finalized choosing the contents of the two decks available in the demo version. In addition we adapted new rules for some of those cards.

But wouldn’t that change the balance of the whole game?

Well we did those changes with a few things in mind. First, we don’t have a lot of time to create this version of the game. As such it will not have a fully functional tutorial explaining in detail all of the mechanics of the game. So the first reason why we change those cards is to make things simpler.
Second, we’re still making sure they don’t completely break the game and keep some balance.

On top of that they are also a way to make the game quicker. It will thus allow testers to try out more games.

But that’s not all

We’ve also added a lot of visual feedback to the game in general. Thus making it easier to see where you can and cannot interact. This still requires a lot of work but we’re going at a fast pace concerning this topic.
Some of these feedback include classic stuff like slightly changing the color of a button when you put your mouse on it.
But some of these are way less classic like moving some Mana along the board to represent Mana coming to the available Ether.

Either way, all of these changes are very important as they add clarity (and fun) to the game.

ocean artwork

And what about music?

Well we’ve added some temporary music to the game in order to make it more lively. But we know it deserves its own musical theme. So we’re searching some music artists to work with in order to create something that will fit Mage Noir unique style. We’d like to keep the epic, magic and mysterious tones, but with a modern touch. Leading us to so some research around electronic music. We’re eager to hear how it will end up.

That’s all for today Mages!

We’re so proud to see this first version of the game advancing as it is. It’s getting more fun and interesting to play every day and we can’t wait to see what it will look like next week! We hope you have a great day and we’ll see you next week for another weekly update.

Until then, as usual, have fun!