Hey Mages! Back to giving you some news of our advancement! We hope you had a nice week. Ours was just as awesome as usual.

What’s up since last week?

Not a lot of changes concerning our focus, but a whole lot of advancements.

We’re starting to approach something very acceptable in terms of visuals on the video game version. At the beginning we had something that was readable but didn’t fit the game’s identity at all. Now, we’ve started to implement our own assets a lot more and a lot of the placeholders we were using are now gone. It feels very good to see the game improve like this.
Example: The cards now use our own backgrounds rather than a generic one.

We’ve also started implementing even more card effects. It feels much more like a real game now rather than a prototype.
Example: The effect that puts a card back in a deck at a certain place is functional.

The polish part of the game has also advanced very well, it is a huge pile of little changes here and there that makes it feel so much better to play.
Example: When a card leaves the board, the rest of your board is automatically rearranged to make it prettier and easier to read.

Not to mention the mountain of debugging we do daily. Remember last week when we mentioned Mana not being displayed properly? Well it took a bit more time than we hoped to get fixed, but we did get it to work in the end.

All of this is very encouraging and shows us that we’re on the right track to create a great game!

Blow artwork

More visuals please?

We will show you some visuals soon but we want to make sure they’re completely ready before showing them. As you know we like when things are done the right way and the artworks we’d like to show you still need a tiny bit of polish. We thank you for your patience, you won’t regret it.

That’s all for today Mages!

We’re still very eager to get back to game design in order to make all of our cards even more interesting and discuss all of this with you Mages. Meanwhile, we wish you a very nice week and we’re going back to unity, as usual.

Until next week, have fun!