Hey Mages! We hope you’re having a great week ! Let’s see what we’ve been up to lately shall we ?

What’s up since last week?

We want to share one of the part of the project that was not advanced enough to talk about… until now. And we’re very proud to finally talk about it!

Making a video game version

This is a very important part of the project for us. From the beginning, Mage Noir was thought as a game that should be playable on both paper and digital format. And while we’ve advanced the paper format quite a bit, we thought that the digital format had to be started early if we want to make sure that both can coexist in the right way. This is why we’re starting to do a demo version of the game.

A lot of things to discover and create

With this new part of the project opening, it also raised a lot of questions and subjects that we can now research further.

For instance, we’ve been thinking of what story the game is telling. While it was clear for us that the players were Mages fighting each other, we also had to think of the context, where do they fight? Why do they fight? Is it a friendly match just to try out their powers? Or are they trying to kill each other?

Pyroblast by Camille Fourcade

That’s only a very small part of the questions we’ve had to answer in the past weeks concerning the game. We have a ton of other subjects to clarify in order to make the game as wonderful as we want it to be.

How the Mana should be presented for instance? We’re still working on that.

An asset for testing

With the recent events, the game design team is having troubles meeting and testing newly created cards. No worries, we’ll do it later. But it sure is very convenient to be able to test new stuff without having to be in the same place.

While we doubt the demo version will be fully functional and able to make us test every new cards before the end of the lockdown, we think having this ready as soon as possible will allow us to be prepared if another event like this one occurs again.

Plus, it allows us to change rules and texts instantly without having to reprint cards every time.

Anyways, it is clear that this video game version will be very beneficial for the paper format. We hope we’ll have the chance to show you a bit more about it soon.

That’s all for today Mages!

We’re heading back to searching how to display Mana properly and imagining backgrounds for the game field.

Until next week, have fun!