Hey Mages! Here we are again for a new weekly update. We hope your week is going well!

What’s up since last week?

We’ve been working on some planning, as well as thinking about various graphic design changes.

Grahic design changes? like what ?

It is still a work in progress so nothing is for sure, but we do know that our layout can be improved for instance. The base we have is very solid, but the change from a TCG to a self contained card game changes some of the imperatives we have. These changes, added to the fact that there is always room for improvement convinced us that we could afford to give some time to the graphic design and layout of our cards.

Some of the ideas we have in mind are the following:

Optimizing character uses

When making our prototype, we separated our various Mana costs and components prerequisites with slashes. When you already know how the game works, you don’t think about it much. But slashes are usually used to represent alternative costs. Meaning new players tend to think that you have multiple options to pay for your spell.

Air healer by Camille Fourcade

In our case, it represents costs that you have to add to one another. This means we will have to change some of the characters we use to improve understanding for new players.

Creating icons

Our game has some very specific mechanics. And while it is simple to understand when you read the cards, it might be nice to have an extra help to understand if an effect is linked to specific moments or mechanics. When put as a component or when activated as a spell for instance. That’s why we are currently doing some researches on potential icons that we could put as an additional support to make the cards easier and faster to grasp at first read.

Reworking the layout

The last thing we’re currently thinking about is the layout in general. We now have a little bit more freedom on our card size for instance. We’d like to keep it standart but we can still see if we can change the way the information is displayed so that it’s prettier and easier to read.

As we said before, we are not sure that these changes will be implemented in the end. But they are definitely some quality of life improvements that we’re seriously thinking about.

That’s all for today Mages!

We’re heading back to the card lab to create a whole new experience for you. We hope your week will be awesome! Until next week, stay safe and have fun!