Hey Mages! This week, we’ll tell you about the new Mana system that we’ve put in place.

What’s up since last week?

As we said, we just validated our new Mana system. We’ve thought about it for some time now and wanted to wait a bit before validating it. Giving us some much needed time to make sure we were happy with it.

What are the changes in the system?

We’re very happy with this new system for a lot of reasons. One of the first is that it doesn’t change a lot in terms of functionality.

From now on, the available Ether will be composed of two distinct piles. (Let’s simply call them Pile 1 and Pile 2).

The first change is the following: Whenever a player adds Mana to the available Ether (wether it is from the beginning of his turn, from casting a spell, or paying any cost he has to), he will have to add Mana alternatively in each pile, always starting with the smallest pile.

That means: Pile 1, then Pile 2, then Pile 1 again, etc. Considering Pile 1 has less Mana than Pile 2 of course.

If both piles have the same size, then the player may choose where to start putting Mana.

The second change is that instead of taking half of the available Mana, players will now take the entire content of one of the two piles at the beginning of their turn.

Finally the last main change is for the Mana exchange, which is still two for one. Except now it is only allowed during your main phase and has to be made exclusively with the biggest Mana pile in the available ether.

Typhoon by Jeffrey Jeanson

All these changes imply a whole lot of consequences on the resource management. This is such an interesting topic that we think it deserves its own blogpost. Which is why we’ll post a new one tomorrow describing precisely what all these new changes bring to the table. In the meantime we’ll let you theorycraft on what kind of exciting changes this will bring to the gameplay.

That’s all for today Mages, see you tomorrow!

We hope we’ve teased the new Mana system well and that you’re excited to read our post tomorrow!
We’re very excited for you to read it for sure! Have a nice day Mages and stay safe at home!