Hey Mages! Here is another weekly update on the advancements of the game.

What’s up since last week?

More Magic, less toner

Well, the printer friendly version of the print and play is out!
And that’s wonderful news for everyone at home. You can now just print it easily.

Here is the link to the zip file containing the printer friendly version.
You can also find it on our home page.

Of course it is simpler visually. And we wanted to make sure that the experience was still there. So apart from not having colors and artworks, we made sure to include everything. It is simple, still in the shape of cards, contains all of the necessary information and is written in a clear, big font.

Let us know if something can be improved, we’d be more than happy to talk about it and see if we can improve it!

Favorable Winds by Jeffrey Jeanson

Making some decklists

Choosing what to put in the base box isn’t an easy task. So we’ve been mainly working on that. We need to find a very precise balance for each deck.

  • Does it have enough components to function properly?
  • Does it have enough great spells to beat his opponent?
  • Is it too weak? Too strong?
  • Is it fun to play with?
  • Is it fun to play against?

Those are some of the numerous questions we’re asking ourselves when making the decklists. And this has to be answered for all 4 basic elements. We want to make sure to give you the perfect combinations of cards so that you can have the most fun when starting to play directly. So we’re taking the necessary time to do this right.

This is what’s been eating most of our time lately. It’s a simple task but it simply takes time. We do know for sure that every single minute is worth it though.

That’s all for this week Mages!

We wanted to make a simple, short and sweet update this week, all this balancing, deckbuilding and card list changing is pretty simple to summarize after all.
We hope you’re having a great week mages, stay safe and have fun !