Hi Mages! Finally we got time to give you a proper weekly update! (Note from the redactor: I kinda missed it though)

The International games convention in Cannes!

Well you saw the pictures in the last update! It was great. We saw lots of professionals, lots of players and had the occasion to playtest quite a lot.

FIJ's poster


We got to try the game with lots of players and it seems they all liked it! We’ve got lots of returns on balancing and quality of life improvements which is always welcome. If you’ve been following the project for a long time, we hope you’ve noticed that improving the game is and will always be our main goal. Art, balancing, game design, nothing is off-topic. If you think it will make the game better, tell us about it!

We also got to playtest with the renowed game designer Antoine Bauza. We thank him for his time, we had a wonderful time with him. His expert eyes gave us some more ideas to test on the game and we’d like to see how it could improve it.

Discussing printing

We also had a talk with our contact at Cartamundi concerning the printing of the cards. We were pretty convinced already that the cards would be printed with a top quality. Well now we’re even more conquered. Expert advices, top quality knowledge on the field and years of experience cannot go unnoticed. The printing of the game will be in great hands.

Testing the game with some reviewers

We’ve had the occasion to test our game with the french game reviewers LudoVox. they seem to have enjoyed it and we’re preparing everything that is necessary so that we can get a game review and rules explanation from them (both in english and in french) stay tuned mages.

Live on boardgamegeek

We’ve also had the occasion to go live on BGG’s twitch channel to explain what the game is about. If you want to see that you can just click on this link to go to BGG’s twitch channel.

It was definitely an interesting experience!

A bit of artwork

Because it is always so refreshing to look at Camille Fourcade’s art, we though you might like some artwork. Here is the art for the spell called “Acceleration”:

Acceleration by Camille Fourcade

It is so dynamic, and shows both the speed the Mage is taking and the power of the energy channeled to do so. Truly an artwork that fits perfectly with the spell it represents. More Air artworks coming soon, we’re convinced you’ll love it!

Speaking of artworks we have lots of new visuals, we refreshed the print and play so it looks even better, it’s always a good occasion to go see it.

Kickstarter campaign is live

Our Kickstarter campaign just launched on February 25!

You can check out our video presentation:

So come pledge now and participate in the game’s creation, you’ll finally get your first cards!

Click right here to get to the kickstarter campaign.

It is off to a great start, but we’re working hard to make it an even greater start of course! So don’t forget to share, link and talk about it to everyone you can. New Mages can hide anywhere ;)

That’s all for this week Mages!

We hope you’re having a great week, until next time take care of yourself!