Hi Mages! As usual, this week we didn’t stop at all. We did lots of preparations, wether it is for the upcoming Kickstarter, to communicate with you, or simply to get more artworks to put on our cards.

So what’s new since last time?

You have probably seen it already. We finally have an official logo for the game!

Logo Mage noir

We find it simple and efficient, perfect to represent the spirit of the game, so we’re very happy of how it turned out.
We just wanted to share our enthusiasm with you.
A huge thank to Jeffrey Jeanson for this nugget.

The demo version of the prototype is online!

We announced it yesterday, but for those who didn’t get it in their timeline, here is a link to the blogpost in question.

We hope you’ll appreciate the gameplay and that it will give you a better idea of everything Mage Noir has to offer!

Kickstarter preparations

The Kickstarter campaign organised to fund the game’s creation is still planned for the end of this month. We’re still setting it up and every detail is precisely being thought of. We’re still creating awesome visual assets so that you can have a good idea of what you could expect from the project. But that’s not all, you’ll also get news, blogposts that we’ll share with you and many more surprises!

We’re going to discuss about Game design

We have the luck to write this update to you regularly, and it is a pleasure every week (thanks for reading us by the way dear Mage). But this column is all surface information mostly. How well we are advancing, what do we produce each week, on which aspects of the project we’re concentrating, all of this is useful:

  1. To give us a place where we can keep track of how and what we’re doing.
  2. To keep you informed of our progression.

But as useful as all of this might be, it does not explain to you the central part of our convictions. The true profound reflexion that preceded Mage Noir and that influences the direction we’ve chosen for the game.

This is why we’re redacting a list of blogposts tackling many subjects that are important to us and that we’re passionate about. We also think this is a way to show you our convictions and to start some discussions with you.
Keep an eye out for them, they are coming soon.

Some more artworks

A significant part of our focus this week was also to prepare new artworks. We want to make our Kickstarter campaign a period full of beautiful artworks and surprises. Thus we’re keeping some of them for now so that we can show them at the right time.

This being said, it would still be pretty sad not to show one now. So we present to you the artwork for the “Water drop” spell.

Water drop

This artwork represents a very central spell for the Water Element because the “drop” is one of the most present components of the Element. It is also one of the simplest spells that exists in Water. This is why the elegance and simplicity of this artwork is truly perfect for the spell it represents.
For all of these reasons we would like to thank Camille fourcade a lot!

Rennes en jeu, 2020 session

We talked about it last week and our presence to the Rennes en jeu convention is still up! If you are looking for us, try to find the two weirdest individuals with large hoods and fire coming out of their eyes.
(No, much more seriously, you’ll recognize us thanks to the Mage Noir symbol of course.)

The Circle of the Mages Noirs

If you want more info on the convention it is right here! (Website is in french though)

That’s all for this week Mages!

Be assured that you’ll have plenty of things to read next week! We’re eager to share that with you.

See you next time and have fun until then!