Hi Mages! We’re getting to the end of the month and we hope everything is going great for you. Last week we told you that things were starting to go faster and faster for us and surely enough, we were right. This week was even busier than the previous ones.

So what’s new since last time?

Printable versions, artworks and stock photos :

Last week we told you about that print and play version that was taking some time to be out. We iterated a lot around it. But even if we looked at it from every possible angle, cards with a missing artwork felt really empty.
This is why we decided to put in stock photos. Even if the print and play version is free and temporary, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to give you something with empty artworks. It was just not possible for us.

Moreover, we tried lots of things concerning the way we would present the rules. we asked their opinion to new players to see if the rules were understandable. After lots of changes, we can announce that the printa and play version is now finished!
It contains two pre-constructed decks, carefully crafted by us:

  • A Vegetal deck, revolving around lots of permanents and recurring damages.
  • An Air deck, revolving around draws and combos.

A sheet containing Mana for each Element.
We advise you to print it several times in order to have enough Mana to play a game
And finally a PDF containing the rules of the game as well as additional info on the organization of the game board.

We’ll post it soon enough, it souldn’t be long. We’ll do another post just to announce this. Stay tuned Mages.

Give us your opinion!

We sincerely hope this demo version will convince you and we encourage you to rate us on BoardGameGeek.
Mage Noir being a game very close to its community, having your feedbacks and your impression is a top priority for us. You have a wide range of options to contact us. Wether it is via Facebook, Discord, or simply via email to the following adress: contact@magenoir.com.
We’d be glad to discuss with you! (Seriously an email from a fellow Mage would just make my day.)

The last element:

We find pretty funny this little game that went on for the past 6 weeks. Everytime, we would present the new icon in the news as a surprise, a gift, an unveiled mystery. But you always had it directly as a thumbnail for most of you. It was far from a discovery when you read it each time. You Mages played along, we thank you for that.

Without making you wait any further (even though you didn’t really wait), here is the sixth and last element, the Mineral one.

Mineral icon

This one was created by Jeffrey Jeanson (a huge thank to him) and it was not an easy one. We had to do lots of tries before agreeing on this icon. However we’re very happy with how it turned out.

We’ll have to find something new to present you every weeks now. Honestly, we don’t know what it will be more than you do. It’ll be a surprise for everyone then!


Still completely at 200% on this part! We’re creating a mountain of visual assets and important files. This is what is taking us the most time on the projet lately by the way. Just like previous weeks, we still can’t wait till you see it!

Rennes en jeu, 2020 session:

You are most probably very far away from Rennes in France. But the Mage Noir Team will be in the Rennes en jeu convention! If you happen to be around there, you can find us Saturday 8 and sunday 9 February. We’ll be there and ready to cross the Ether with any Mage wanting to challenge us!
If you want more information on the Convention, it’s right there! (Website is in french though)

That’s it for this week Mages!

No complex phrasing for it, you’re all awesome. Simple as that.
See you next time!