Hi Mages! How is it going on your side? we hope you appreciated your week! For us it is starting to get heated around here and it seems the following weeks are going to be even more filled with stuff to do. Fortunately that’s just what we want.

So what’s new since last time?

Didn’t you talk about a printable version? :

Yes we did! And we haven’t forgotten at all. To be honest, the last time we tackled the subject, we genuinely thought the version was almost finished.
But here’s the issue, in order to test our game internally, we used some assets that we gathered on the internet. This allowed us to estimate what our game would look like once finished. It was no problem since we wouldn’t share those assets around claiming it was ours.
And this is where we had to make a few changes. We can’t share all those visuals that aren’t ours. So we’re making everything in our power to replace them and create our own. These things take time. We thank you all for your patience, we’re doing everything we can to provide you the print and play PDF as soon as possible. (Even if it means with some missing artworks).

Speaking of assets…

Well we’re not going to explain the concept once more. It’s thursday, we’re comfortable where we are, reading news about games that hype us (hopefully). The Arcane icon is presented. Long story short, everything is fine.

icone arcane

Fun fact, its design is inspired by the Penrose triangle, one of the numerous impossible objects. It was used to emphasize the chaotic and unexpected nature of the Arcane element. Not to mention the effects it can have on time an space.
It’s an icon that we like a lot because it fits the element very well.


You’re hearing a lot about this upcoming Kickstarter campaign right? Well yes, and it is pretty normal since it’s currently our top priority.
Mages are curious by nature, and as a consequence, you’ll have questions. And it’s our duty to have answers. Thus it takes time and energy to prepare, but how interesting! It is truly one of the upcoming events that excites us the most! Moreover, having discussed with Cartamundi about pricings, we’re currently scratching our head to give you the best possible prices.
It is a pretty hard reflexion with lots of constraints, but we want to make this right.

And what about the prototype?

We’ve had the chance to test our new card layout thanks to our new prototype!
It feels way better to play compared to our previous prototype. The information is easily readable and the cards were nice to look at. It doesn’t guarantee that the layout will not change in the future. But we’re happy to know we have a card layout that already works very well.

A small teaser concerning the lore:

We often tell you about the Circle of the Mages Noirs which you’re a part of.
Okay… but how is it organized? Well even if we can’t tell you all about how it works for now, just know that those are informations that have started to take shape (you can guess which). There exists a whole specific organization to guard magic, and it will be revealed to you in due time. Once again just a bit more patience, it should not be too complicated for beings able to manipulate time such as you right?

That’s it for this week Mages!

We’re going back to our quarters in order to get the computers and mechanical keyboards out. This Kickstarter campaign won’t get ready all by itself. (We searched the achives, there isn’t any spell to get a Kickstarter campaign ready by itself)

Meanwhile we wish you a magical week. If you can share our posts, like our page and more importantly talk about the game to your surroundings, it would sincerely help us. But don’t worry too much about it, we’re already very lucky to have all of you.