Hi Mages! How was your week? On our side we managed to do lots, especially concerning decisions we had to make, and most of them concerning the upcoming Kickstarter.

So what’up since last week?

Cutting cards eh? :

Last week we told you about our new prototype that just got printed. We finished cutting it and whew! That’s a good thing done. It looks fantastic and we’re very happy about it. We’ll have the opportunity to test lots of small details that were not very easy to pinpoint before. Readability during a game, practicity of all the placement of the informations and all those things that you can try to guess in theory but are only present in practice.
For those following us on facebook you’ve seen the card back that is currently on our prototype. It is a symbol that is important for all of us since it’s the Circle of the Mages Noirs. It is as simple as that.

The Circle of the Mages Noirs

And one icon, one :

We’re pretty happy to show you these icons gradually, it starts to set a cozy little habit. There are two more after that, stay patient you’ll see all of them.\

icone air

We like this one very much because it contains lots of free space. This is a good way to represent how uncatchable and light the Air element is.


We discussed with two of our artists to create the visual assets that are required for our Kickstarter campaign. It is a pretty big project but we’re happy to start it at last! We 100% trust them and we’re sure they’ll create a visual experience that will make you discover our campaign with sparkles in your eyes.

This being said, as the Kickstarter part is coming fast, we’ve slowed down on gameplay and balancing. Which is not necessarily a bad thing!

A community driven game

As you probably know, giving you the opportunity to discuss with us, tell us your ideas and give us your feedback is very important to us. This is the exact reason why we’re slowing a bit on gameplay creation.
A Kickstarter campaign is a special moment to discuss with you, the players. We’re eagerly waiting for your feedbacks and thoughts to ensure we’ll take the right direction. The one that fits you best, while still keeping that spirit that makes Mage Noir such an incredible and authentic game.

That’s it for this week mages!

We’re just as eager to see what that Kickstarter campaign will look like as you. Everything we know for now is that it will be great! Even more important than that is that we can’t wait for you to have the game in your hands.

In the meantime, we’ll keep telling you how the game is going every week without fault! You’re all incredible, and we wish you a week as great as you are.