Hey Mages! Here is another weekly update.

A thousand thanks!

First of all we crosssed the 1000 likes on our facebook page yesterday and today we’re at 1500! We knew we would eventually reach this number but we didn’t think it would skyrocket this fast! Thanks Mages for joining the circle, you won’t regret it!

So what happened this week?

We’re continuing our many reflexions on the card layouts. We’ve started to take the opinions of many other artists to ensure we’ve not missed anything important.


We also tested the Mineral Element among the team and it seems it’s way more balanced than we anticipated.

Kickstarter stuff:

But this is not all, aside from testing and balancing, we are still working on our kickstarter campaign. The game is evolving very quickly, and even if we still have lots to do, we thought the first scripts we did for the kickstarter video would get outdated very quickly. So we took the necessary time to ensure we’ll give you the right informations when the time comes.

As you know, we value transparency and communication in the circle and it will not be said that we don’t tell you things exactly as we see them and expect them to be.

Here is for the art lovers:

That’s it for the Kickstarter part! The other amazing news is this new artwork we got from one of our very talented artist: Jeffrey Jeanson.

Typhon artwork

It is not yet finished and will have some very slight changes here and there but we think it is absolutely gorgeous. And you what do you think about it?

That’s it for this week!

Anyways thanks for reading Mages, as always we’re very proud of having you as our community. As usual, spread the word about the game and invite people in the circle, magic could always use more defenders.