Hey Mages! Here is yet another weekly update!

So what happenend since last thursday?

Well a whole lot, just as usual!

Cards layout:

We’ve taken time to work on the layout once again. We’re taking a lot of time for this but it is because we want to have it right. It is a very important part of our game and we know a single error can lower the gameplay experience a lot. More on that in the next episode!

Playtesting in Paris:

We also did some playtesting once again. Players seem to have enjoyed themselves and we hope they’ll come back soon to build some more decks, throw some more spells and give some more feedback to us. It was incredibly instructive for us. We thank them for their time, it was a blast playing with you guys.

Elemental week:

What else? Well we guess you noticed that it was the elemental week of course! And you’ve only seen half of what we have to show. What element will be the next one? Well you’ll know soon enough whenever it’ll be posted ;)

Creating Mineral cards:

As you may know, a new layout also means that we have to test it. And our technical team took time to implement this new layout so we can check during real gameplay if it’s working well. We can’t wait to playtest with the new visuals though. And we’re even more excited because we finally created a whole lot of Mineral cards!

Sharp volley artwork

Yes! The 6 elements are now ready to be printed and tested during playtest sessions. So what will be your guess? Will it need to be nerfed during first tests? Buffed maybe? Who knows? We’re eager to see that.

That’s it for this week mages!

Well see you tomorrow for a new element presentation Mages, and until then, don’t hesitate to share and like, it always helps a lot!