Hi Mages! How was your week?

Just as usual, our week was just as awesome as it was busy.

What happened since last thrusday?

In the last update we told you that we had just printed Arcane cards to test them out for the first time.

Arcane and legends:

Well we did test them and we’ll let you know that Arcane is even weirder than we thought it would be. One player ended up self milling to death (Yes, historically, the legends will tell that the first Arcane Mage ever died by emptying his own soul).

Needless to say it was an incredibly fun game to play and we love Arcane even more for that. Next will be Mineral.

Playtests in Paris:

Apart from playtests between the two game designers we also decided to test our cards with some people that are from outside the team.

So we met with a few people at “Le nid - Cocon ludique” in Paris and it was awesome, we are really thankful, we had a wonderful time with them! This playtest session taught us that even people new to the game can do some pretty well working deckbuilding with very few explanations. What a relief! We were worried the game might seem too complex to get into, but it seems it’s the opposite.

Cards layouts:

Apart from that what’s new in Mage Noir? Well we did some more card layout researches. We’re very close to having a few interesting layouts to show you, and we’d really like to have your opinion on them. You’ll be the ones playing them after all.

Cleaning your room (card creator version):

We also did a few material sorting (You Mages have all your magic spells to sort your scrolls, just know that handling cards version and inventory is pretty time consuming, but how rewarding).

Kickstarter stuff:

Kickstarter logo

And last but not least we’re still working on our future Kickstarter campaign. This means we have a whole lot of little topics to handle:

  • Concerning the game’s identity (and most importantly its logo icon).
  • Concerning what to put in the pledges.
  • Concerning how to get you the best presentation video you’ll ever see.

About pledges by the way, what would you like to see in them? Cards, of course, we thought about that. But would you like preconstructed decks? Kickstarter exclusive cards? Or maybe even the opportunity to create some cards with us? Don’t hesitate to tell us on facebook or directly via our email adress: contact@magenoir.com

Well that’s it for this week Mages!

Don’t hesitate to share and tell your friends, magic can always use some more protectors.