Hi Mages! Welcome to the third weekly update of Mage Noir.

This week flew by very quickly but we advanced way more than we anticipated!

So what happened since last thrusday?

Kickstarter stuff:

First of all we started preparing some video footage and some presentation text for our kickstarter campaign (planned for early 2020). It’s a challenging exercise considering this is pretty far from what we’ve learned during our career, but nothing will ever be enough for you Mages, we’ll do the best kickstarter campaign you’ll ever see!

Designing and playtesting spree:

Concerning game design we’re still on our playtesting and balancing spree. We’ve printed more cards, playtested more achetypes and checked even more new ways of playing the game. We just printed some of the first Arcane cards to playtest and they’re still hot from the printer as I’m typing those words. We’ll be playing them this afternoon to check just how much they are going to break the game (because let’s be honest, Arcane is such a chaotic element, of course they will). We have no doubt that they’ll be very funny to play with.

Sorting our files:

What else did we do? Well some much needed quality of life improvements for us. We have a lot (and I mean a LOT) of old card ideas that are just waiting to be tested and we did some cleaning in our files to make them even easier to test.

cards redaction rules:

On the same page, we now have some clear rules concerning the redaction of cards effects. This is not changing much how the cards work but it’s a much appreciated improvement. Both to help us be clear about what effects the cards have and also for you to avoid confusion as much as possible when you will play the game.

We’re incredibly happy with how the game is turning out, we sincerely hope you’ll enjoy playing the game as much as we’re enjoying creating it.

That’s it for today Mages

See you next week for another update. Don’t hesitate to spread the word concerning the game, make the circle of the Mages Noirs grow, magic will only be better guarded.