Hi Mages! Welcome back to our second update on the advancement of the game.

So what happened since last thursday?

This week we’ve been rather busy concerning the visual identity of the game. We are currently creating, choosing and tweaking visuals with our very talented UX designer. We are doing whatever is necessary to find the best card layout. We want to find the one that will best fit the game atmosphere and that will be the most interesting for our players.

And you, what do you expect to see in our card layout? Be assured that we’ll keep you Mages informed as soon as we are happy with what we have.

Artworks incoming:

Aside from that we’ve prepared some more artworks briefs. We have no doubt that they will turn into some incredible spells.

Creating, testing and balancing:

And what about game design? Well we’re currently working on all those new cards we spoke about in the last update. Today we had the occasion to meet, and playtest some cards in order to balance all of this (Especially the Water cards that were way too strong, as we suspected).

This playtest session was also the occasion for us to step away from preconstructed decks (very useful to test out core rules) and start doing some regular deckbuilding. It turned out to be as interesting as we hoped it would. It seems we’re on the right track. :)

A 100 likes!

Also, we noticed that we’ve past the 100 likes on facebook this week and we are very thankful for that. We got there way quicker than expected and it gives us a huge motivation boost.

That’s it for this week mages!

Thanks again Mages and see you next week!