Hey Mages! We think that it is incredibly important for you, the community, to have a clear point of view of how we are advancing, what we are working on and see how the project is doing on a regular basis.

That’s why we’ll post a quick update every thursday. This way you can catch up on what you missed, or wait for thursday eagerly. :)

How is the project going currently?

Since this is the first update, we’ll give you a quick note on where the project is right now.

Rules and gameplay:

Gameplay wise, as you might have seen, the basic rules are pretty much setteled, we’re pretty happy with the gameplay they offer and we think it’s now just time to create more cards.

We have two testable decks. One is a Vegetal deck, the other is an Air deck. All other elements have some cards but we have yet to build decks that will represent the element’s spirit in order to test them. (Some like water and fire have constructed decks but they are not tested enough to be considered stable, this will come in due time).

Brand identity:

Concerning the brand in general, we have yet to find an official logo and a general design that will make us stand tall and pround among other card games. But we are working on it! ;)

Artwork creation:

On a more artistic note, we’re currently working with our artists to craft some more incredible artworks. We have some of those up our sleeves and everything will be showed in due time. Art lovers, please be patient my friends.

And what have we been working on since last tuesday?

Well first of all, last tuesday is the exact day we released a small PDF with the condensed rules of the game. Those still contain some unanswered questions, we are aware of that. We just prefer not to give all of our secret ingredients for the recipe too soon. ;)

A newcomer:

We also had the amazing opportunity to discuss with a new artist that is most likely to join the adventure with us.Maybe one day we’ll give a quick showdown of every one of our artists to give them what they deserve. (Which is a lot of love and attention because they are wonderful people)

Card creation:

We are continuing to work on a Water and on an Arcane deck. Some more cards have been created in arcane and the water deck we stitched together is still being studied closely to ensure he’s not completely BUSTED before making the community test it.


Card balancing is still under our radar as we spent some time playtesting at “Troll2Jeux” in Paris a couple of days ago. We deeply thank all those who were present for their feedback and we look forward to playtesting with the community again! It was absolutely awesome.

Shrimps will prevail:

And the best for the end obviously, a quick twitter poll made us understand that a majority of our community leans towards a shrimp archetype rather than a crab archetype, and even though shrimps might never see the light in our game, this is still a news that fills me with gratitude. (Although don’t disregard crabs as they are a pretty worthy opponent)Quick disclaimer: As the game stands, we do not plan on implementing creatures to the game as it is mainly spell based. The idea of a shrimp deck is an inside joke with many of our followers. (I know, sad, but that’s how it is… :/)

That’s it for this week Mages!

And you, what part of our work are you eagerly waiting for us to finish? Feel free to comment or ask questions at contact@magenoir.com, we’ll be happy to answer!