We wanted to create a card game with a fair economic system. Fair for the artists, fair for the sellers once the game is published, and even more important, starting right now, fair for the players.

That’s a frequent question we get from most passionate players : I love it but what if it reveals as expensive as other TCGs I have played?

It all depends if you want to play for fun, or competitively.

Fun with friends

First, playing with your friends and having fun is really feasible with only Starter Decks. We’ll make them strong as well as balanced. Additionally, the first few boosters you may order will bring instant variety to the game as most of the cards they contain will be useful.

This comes from the game design choices we made : since you don’t have mana restrictions you can easily build some fun decks with 3 or 4 elements in it (or more if they are unlocked by stretch goals !) without having any issue when playing them. This way we’re not pushing you to buy lots of boosters before saying « at least one card I can add to my favorite deck ! » (we can relate and we are frustrated with that as players, so no matter the business opportunity it is, we don’t caution).

The Air Healer by Camille Fourcade

The air Healer by Camille Fourcade

Competitive play

Then, what about competition ? Let’s be honest, you will need much more cards than if you just want to have fun with friends. But even in this case, you will be far from any other TCGs you may have played before. This comes from a few simple facts and some decisions we took :

  • The game is new, you are among the first Mages to trust us and as such the « meta game » won’t change every month with millions of people bringing new decks to the table. It will start small and arriving early is very good news when you enter the competitive scene, since you will have a real impact on the meta.
  • The equivalent of the “standard” format (ie the cards you are allowed to play in competition) will be the editions of the game for several years to come. We won’t remove the 1st edition you get today from the standard before many years!
  • Even if the game becomes the great success we work so hard for, we are committed to offer the greatest competitive card game. We think that the games that need 1000+ new cards a year to renew the meta are just either not designed for competition, or use the need for change in the meta game as an excuse to sell as many cards as possible. Of course we hope that players will buy lots of cards (that would mean they like our game), but we are convinced more players will buy some if the game is affordable, even in competition!
  • For the same reason, if the game is a great success, we will release only one major expansion a year. We designed the game so that adding a few cards can bring a lot of new combos and change the meta. If the meta feels stuck, as we want to listen a lot to the community, we could release a few cards before a new expansion, or sometimes, exceptionally, ban the use of a card in competition temporarily, instead of releasing 300 new cards and breaking everything the players have built!

Considering all this, we’ve estimated that Mage Noir TCG is about 10 times less expensive per year for competitive players, compared to the other major TCGs you may have in mind. All this while offering a lot of options and a great system for competitions, as well as all the tools we need to give you a great meta game!

Crimson Ritual by Nicolas Camiade

Crimson Ritual by Nicolas Camiade

Thanks for your attention Mages

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