We know many of you find joy in collecting every piece of these kind of games. And we aim to please! This is why we’re being very careful with the quality of our cards. We want to make sure every card in itself is an item that is worth collecting and keeping. This results in a few interesting points in the way we deal with the creation of the game:

artworks are no joke

The first reason why a player would want to get the whole collection of cards is because they look nice. And before all, this is a matter of artwork. We are being very careful with the artists we decide to work with and even then, we are very picky with the visuals and we all put a lot of energy in creating:

  • amazing art, always
  • that will work exactly with the spells effects,
  • that will fit perfectly with the Mage Noir universe and story (our real world, a secret society, real humans).
  • that often work well together as sets of artworks, not only sets of spells

However we do know that art quality is a matter of inspiration and motivation. This is why we encourage them to explore their own artistic style, so they can make artworks they are proud of.

Piece by piece, set by set

Maybe you like collecting but don’t want to collect absolutely every card of the game. And that’s okay. For those who want to build up their collection progressively, some cards are grouped in sets.

Those are all illustrated by the same artist and form a cohesive ensemble. You might fall in love with a peculiar set and gather every cards from it before concentrating on another set.

The healer set by Camille Fourcade

The healer set by Camille Fourcade

The wind mage set by Jeffrey Jeanson

The wind mage set by Jeffrey Jeanson

The Knight Mage set by Charles Ouvrard

The Knight Mage set by Charles Ouvrard

Quality is not an option

Everything is in the title.

We take it seriously for every aspect of the project:

  • card printing
  • packaging
  • delivery
  • the respect of the schedule we announce
  • and of course art & game design, but if you have read our previous posts until there we hope you are already convinced about that :)

To ensure premium quality, we’ve decided to work with the renowned company Cartamundi. We know that their expertise in the domain of card games will comply to our very high quality standards.

Cartamundi Logo

Hope you found this useful, collecting Mages

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